Nonprofits are some of the most important organizations in existence- they teach us, they give a voice to those without, and they do so without expecting much in return. It's Loco's goal to help those who serve by tackling some of the financial and technical burdens these organizations face by using an all-inclusive, cost-efficient platform built to fit the mission of any nonprofit. 


Above all, Loco is an accessible platform. Short for "Low-Code", users do not need to have any coding knowledge going into the platform. While a bit of learning and mentoring may be necessary to completely customize your pre-built apps, most of our users get the hang of Loco after clicking through the App Library and creating their own apps. 

Anyone can use Loco! It only takes a few clicks to download as many pre-built applications as you want or need:

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Organizations that run almost completely (if not totally) off of donations need to make sure their money is going to the right place. Some companies spend thousands of dollars each year on timesheets applications, employee management tools, and other platforms that assist in their everyday operations. 


With our new Nonprofit Discount, Nonprofits can save 50% on Loco- making it only $50/month. However, we understand that every dollar counts when a nonprofit runs on donations and are more than willing to discuss different pricing options to fit your needs.But with Loco, all you need is a single platform. Loco is like a toolbox that holds everything your organization might need to run a smooth operation. By only having to pay for a single platform to get all the tools you need, you can save your nonprofit thousands each year.

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Loco's extensive App Library holds dozens of pre-built tools that are perfect for any organization to keep track of their data.

Some of these apps include...



By paying for one platform with Loco, you get access to dozens of new ways to keep track of the extensive amounts of information that nonprofits process each day. 

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