What is Loco "Like"?

When you've built a new product, you'd like to think that it's unlike anything else in the world. You believe it's unique and even ground-breaking in uncharted territory. However, when it comes to marketing your product, consumers can struggle with this idea of something completely brand new and might ask "But what is 'X' like?" in order to better gauge how they can use the product.

Loco is kind of like whatever you want it to be... which is a tricky concept to convey over short, social media-driven interactions. Essentially what Loco comes down to is that it's "like" a toolbox that holds a bunch of resources for anyone to use, or the Apple App Store except every app it holds can be changed to fit your preferences. 


Having easy access to this toolbox online or through Slack can help just about any company or organization build their own database. With flexible, pre-built apps, Loco can blend itself in to any department's needs.

So, like a chameleon, Loco continues to be its own entity that mirages itself into what it needs to be for each individual user. And while that make my job of describing what Loco is "like" a little bit trickier, this very flexibility is what continues to make Loco so unique and powerful.


If you'd like to start your free trial of Loco today, you can visit loco.build! If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to me at ellie@loco.build.