The Future of Software Applications?

After building software products for the past 20 years, we have seen our fair share of software application development. Most of the time, we are brought in to solve a problem that requires a digital solution (web site or an app), and also one that requires an accessible interface that allows people to emotionally connect with the product. Most of these solutions are later released to the world as revenue-generating software products.

I am going to discuss a different kind of software today. The software application. Different from the product in that instead of people paying you to use it - you pay your own employees to use it. You bear the costs of training directly in the hopes that the application will provide the economies of efficiency, security, and workflow standardization and consolidation that will make it worthwhile. And oftentimes, it is.

But there are many applications that don't require much complexity in the domain of workflow. Often we just want to spin up a team, have an app available on multiple devices, and let that team use the app to manage their shared data and their shared documents from whatever platform they find convenient.

These data management apps are too numerous to describe. And the point of this article is to say, their time has come. By using low-code solutions, analysts, project managers, even (gasp) executives can build the apps they need through drag and drop interfaces, without requiring a single line of code.

These apps can be built in minutes, deployed to the cloud in seconds, and shared with your team immediately. and for small teams, all of this is available for under $100 per month! Does this sound crazy? It's not. The technology is available today and it could revolutionize the way that we build software applications for our teams.  Try the beta code for free here.

No more waiting on IT to get your application "prioritized". No more budgeting to see where that $50,000 is going to come from. Sounds like a future trend to me...