Supercharge Your Slack!

With over ten million active daily users spread across over 85,000 organizations, Slack has been a dominating force in day-to-day office communications for the past six years. It's fun, it's efficient, and it's professional! By removing the need for a constant stream of emails between coworkers that used to be required in order to run an efficient office, Slack has done an incredible job making communication simple and fun! 

 Slack recently went public, which is a huge step for any company to help them raise more capital and expand its efforts even more. So, it seems like Slack is pretty much on top of the world right now! 

Since Slack is such a powerful tool that's helped bring together thousands upon thousands of teams (including our own here at Loco!), we wanted to make sure Loco was on par with the high standard that Slack sets. By integrating with Slack, Loco has the ability to let you talk to your data using the tool that lets you talk to your team! 

(Pardon the alliteration!)

By installing the Loco app in Slack and logging on, you can view cards within your apps without having to leave Slack! And with custom rules, you can change the Slack commands that you use to view/interact with data so that it makes sense for your business. Check-in office equipment, view databases, turn on notifications for to-do items, and more! Sound complicated? Watch our tutorials today and see how simple it can be to supercharge your Slack:


Click here to watch "Getting Started with Slack AND Loco" to see how you can download the Loco app in Slack and get signed on!

Click here to watch "Supercharge Your Slack with Loco" to see a more in-depth tutorial of how Loco works within Slack.



With more interactive data, your team will always be up to date on what's happening. Take one more step in your journey of digital transformation and download Loco in the Slack app store today! We can't wait to see what you create.



Start your free two-month trial of Loco today at!

If you'd like to schedule a demonstration of Loco or have any questions, please reach out to us today! We can't wait to hear from you.