Loco 1.2 Released

Breakthrough Technologies Releases Loco v1.2

-No-Code Citizen Developer Platform Now Includes Additional Pre-Built Apps for HR Professionals, Private Decks, Enhanced iOS Experience, and Ability to Import Data Directly from the Cloud-


EVANSTON, IL (July 18, 2018) – Breakthrough Technologies today announced the release of Loco v1.2, which enhances the functionality of their no-code development platform that anyone can use to build the apps they need. Loco was developed to allow businesses to build data management apps for their enterprise quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively.


Loco v1.2 offers a number of new features, including a suite of HR apps, including apps designed to facilitate performance reviews, salary tracking, and employee information; private decks that allow data to be seen only by their author and the app administrator; a better look and feel in the iOS view of the Loco app; and the ability to import data directly from the cloud using Google Sheets.


“We are continuing to enhance Loco to meet the needs of organizations who need custom app solutions but who have budgetary constraints that make custom app development unrealistic,” said Doug Wilson, Managing Partner of Breakthrough Technologies. “Loco v1.2 offers a better look and feel for our iOS users, and includes an entire suite of pre-built apps for Human Resources professionals that give them a starting point to manage employee data within their organizations.”


“We’ve also made it easier to import data sets, which will make creating a deck faster, easier, and more seamless than ever before,” Wilson continued. “We are true evangelists for citizen development and we want to empower everyone to become app developers.”


Loco is available at https://loco.build/.


Organizations today have more data than ever to manage, compile, track, aggregate, sort, collate, and tabulate. In the past, citizens who needed a custom app solution to achieve these tasks were forced to hire developers to build it, even though the problem they were looking to solve only required a simple digital solution. Loco gives these citizen developers the power to take app development into their own hands, building and customizing apps to their own specifications.


Loco is completely customizable, allowing users to build the app they need to solve the problem they have. Apps can be designed within minutes from any device without any formal programming training, then deployed to the cloud in seconds and made available to teams immediately. Basic usage plans for Loco start at $100 per month, with a cost of $400 per month for unlimited usage.


“We built Loco from the ground up with the realization that the apps our customers need begin and end with their data,” Wilson said. “That’s because most business applications are really about two things: allowing users to manage data and allowing users to manage documents. Loco was built to streamline and integrate both processes.”


Because Loco is completely customizable, the apps that can be developed are restricted only by the user’s imagination. Since the user invents the data and the structure, there are no limits to the types of apps that they can construct. Each app is available to team members of the user’s choosing, or can be designed for private use.


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