I am a Nonprofit. How Can Loco Help Me?


Don't think of Loco as a technology.  Think of it as a solution engine.  Think about the things that you have to do right now.  Think about using apps in Loco to handle those things.  Think about:

  • Storing HR documents and sharing them with the team;
  • Describing all of the insurance options each year for your employees and attaching supporting information;
  • Creating an online database for all of the equipment or assets that we have
  • Creating a repository for operational processes;
  • Creating a private "suggestion box" for all employees, where only the admin can see everyone's suggestions;
  • Having one place to go for a portfolio of organizational activities, carried out at different times by different people;
  • Tracking customer information, including contact info, history, contract documents, and support requests;
  • Aligning support activities with employee or team assignments, and making sure the service level agreements that correspond to each priority are being met;
  • Storing employee information and resumes in an app that is accessible to my sales team;
  • Creating a volunteer management system that stores key demographic, skills, and historical information about the volunteer pools that our organization accesses;
  • Having a board management portal that allows us to track strategic initiatives, and board issues, and report on those issues at each board meeting;
  • Leveraging our phones, email, and slack communication channels in a simple unified way.

Now consider this.  Each of those apps can be used privately for yourself, or shared with a team.  You can dump out the data in a easily formatted PDF file and send it around weekly.  And you can insert business rules that are easily customized to allow your apps to communicate with you and your team when you want them to.

Free your mind with Loco, and let it take up the burden of your data.  The data collaboration tool of the 21st century is here today, and for a price that is hard to believe!  Nonprofits can use the code word MISSION to use Loco at half the price of our for-profit clients!

Try Loco today and see what the future looks like! If you're a nonprofit, use code "MISSION" to save 50% at checkout.