HR Applications in Loco

Have you been trying to experiment with Loco for your HR Apps?  I bet you noticed something - by default - most apps will allow everyone on your team to see ALL of your data.  For many applications , this is the desired behavior.  But for apps that contain sensitive data - this is not the best way to share information.  For HR apps, you probably want the data set to private, so only the author of the data and the admin can access the data.

Well, with Loco 1.2, your prayers have been answered!  You may now set a deck to private when you are defining or editing the deck.

In the image below, it shows the private deck setting as a simple check box in the "edit deck" screen:

Private Decks

That's it!  By checking or unchecking this box, you can set this deck's data to be accessible to all of an app's team of users, or just the author's.  Note that the App Admin(s) will always have access to all cards in a deck, public or private.  This can be a great trick if your HR Manager is the App Admin.  Now they have access to everyone's data in the system, regardless of who entered it.

To see the status of a deck, simply edit the app and view the decks:

Private Deck Settings

You will see a lock next to any decks that are private.

That's it!  We hope you enjoy this powerful new feature in Loco!