Getting Started with Loco

“Now that I’ve signed up for Loco, how do I get started?”
Once you’ve signed up for your account on Loco, it can feel intimidating trying to figure out where to go from there; especially if you’re new to the world of No Coding and citizen developers.  The purpose of this blog is to give you some steps to help your career as a citizen developer get up and running so your team can benefit from your No Code awesomeness!

When you register for Loco at or using your Slack account, the first thing you see is a page where your future apps will go! From here, you can make an app from scratch by pressing the orange “+”, or choose an app template by clicking the app library button.
 App Workspace for a new app...
Let’s say you want to create your own app and you click the little orange plus sign. Within a Loco app, you have decks, sets and cards. These decks, sets, and cards are different ways to organize the information you want your app to have and to share with your team if you’d like. After you complete all the fun stuff like uploading a picture for your app and creating a name for it, you’re ready to create your first deck!
 Edit or create a deck

 The deck you create will essentially be the first category of information that you want to have stored within your app. Say you’re creating an app to keep track of a project your team is working on. Your first deck could be “Team To-Do Lists” and within that deck, you can make cards for each member of your team that contains their actions for the week. Sets are just another way to organize your cards within a deck.

Stay tuned for more quick vignettes about working with Loco!