Excited about Slack

This week, Loco Innovations will be attending the Slack Frontiers Conference.  We are very excited about Slack.  We use it here at Loco Innovations, we have used it for years at Breakthrough Technologies, and it has become an entire interface modality for Loco applications.

Why do we like Slack?

Slack represents a new paradigm for business communications.  Slack provides an interesting solution that takes team file exchange, often accommodated through Dropbox, or email attachments, and combines it with a channel-based communication method that right-sizes email, SMS, and group rooms to a super-efficient and easy to manage level.  Additionally, Slack offers persistence to conversations, threads, and shared files that make them easily searchable and accessible to teams.

What we love about Slack's success is that it blows the whole SMS/e-mail/department intranet mashup into a cross-platform, made for mobile, easy-to administer new platform that takes a swipe at seemingly intractable technologies like email and SMS.

We know that Loco brings the same level of disruption to application development, and have targeted the same types of customers that have embraced the disruptions that Slack has made in a variety of markets.  We love their tool, hope to learn from them, and are excited to make their conversations part of the features and functions of our Loco apps!