How do You Know when You're Done "Digitally Transforming"?

With excitement building up for our 1.7 release, we've been sending out messages everywhere we can to spread the word about Loco! But we also noticed while doing so that no matter what platform you're using, it's hard to escape the message of "Digital Transformation".


As avid believers in the idea that making changes in your workplace tools can empower collaboration and efficiency in the office, we're not mad at this messaging! However, we think a lot of programs may be going about their digital transformation in a way that leaves something to be desired. 


Many brands will try to convince you that in order to successfully fulfill this seemingly elusive end-point for digital transformation, you need just one more tool to fully transform your workplace. But the seconds you get that tool, it feels like there's always one more step that you need to take in order to fully transform.


What's up with that? 


With technology becoming more and more accessible with each coming day, brands should want the possibility of Digital Transformation to be accessible as well. 


In the end, digital transformation is really about the small steps you're taking each day to use new technologies to solve everyday problems. Even if each day you come up with one new idea of how you could, say, use a platform like Loco to build a database to track your marketing efforts, that is a strong sign that you're digitally transformed. Coming up with new ideas to use technology in order to solve traditional problems in the workplace is Digital Transformation. 


Even if you find yourself wondering after work about how to better utilize an online database to get your work done, that is a sign that you've transformed. 


The bottom line is that there is no set endpoint to digital transformation, no matter what some brands may try to tell you or sell you. Digital Transformation is an ongoing process that should be encouraging and empowering you to get the most out of the resources you have.


The solutions you come up with may not lead you to a sudden "Eureka!" moment that signifies the end of your transformation, but if you keep doing your research and thinking outside the box, we are sure you'll be pleased with how far you can go! 



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