Loco: a Digital Toolbox for Today's Business

What is in your toolbox? 


If you were a craftsman, you’d have a ready answer. If you’re on the way to do a job in a friend’s apartment, you need a pencil, a tape measure, hammer, nails, spackle, etc.


Well, you are a craftsman in your organization. You’ve got to build something that makes the organization work.  Your team needs a list of items for the coming month. They need the ability to prioritize and make assignments. They need the ability to show progress, status, and completion. They need to be reminded when things are slipping, and you need visibility to those items in real-time.


It sounds like a job for a maker with a great digital toolbox, doesn’t it?  Well, what’s in yours? Are you using the same tools you brought to the party when you interviewed for this job 4 years ago? Or have you adapted that toolset to the needs of your team in 2019? Are you still leaning on Google Docs, or Excel and email, or Slack, or SharePoint? Because none of those tools are really well-suited for this job.  When that happens, do you feel frustration, because it feels like you brought the wrong tool to the job?


Abe Lincoln said, “Give me six hours to chop down a tree, and I will spend the first four sharpening the ax.” He knew something all craftsmen know – tools are important. They can make or break the success of your project, and they can be a well-honed, superior extension of yourself, or they can be a dull instrument that at best chips away with poor performance at your task, or at worst they can defeat your success entirely.


Don’t settle for poor tools that aren’t going to get the job done! Insist on flexible tools that allow you to store your data across all platforms, access it easily and permission everyone appropriately, and allow you to build custom rules, data, and related information that keeps your team on point and gives your team the best possible chance for success.


Loco belongs in every leader’s digital toolbox.



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