What's Coming to the App Library?

While anxiously awaiting our big Loco 1.7 release with anonymous cards, our team has been bustling away with smaller updates, minor bug fixes, and new additions to the App Library! 

Here are some things you can expect to see rolling out soon:

  1. Timesheets for employees to track and submit their hours worked each day
  2. A new Donation Management app for nonprofits to keep a list of donors, whether they're one-time donors or recurring.
  3. A Lunch Order form for company-wide lunches and catering
  4. And a Volunteer Sign-Up app coming soon with anonymous forms!

Don't forget to look for updated icons on apps you already know and love- our Movie Repository, Blackjack, and Recruitment Management apps got a makeover:

With this wave of App releases focused a little more on nonprofit operations, we hope that Loco can continue to provide as much help as possible to help these organizations work towards their mission.

Stay tuned, and we'll update you as soon as the new releases are out! For now, you can explore the App Library and start your trial of Loco for FREE at www.loco.build! We can't wait to see what you create!


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