5 Signs that Your Organization Should Go Loco!

Well, maybe not in the sense of going crazy... but hey, don't let us stop you! 

We're talking about transforming your office's operations and data management using the power of Low-Code tools. There are some big advantages to making the switch and taking back control of your data!

Here's how you know it's time to go Low-Code:

#1 : You're spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars each year on applications for your office.

And that might just be on one app alone! Certain project management tools can cost your thousands each year, just to write down and submit how many hours you worked on a specific project. Some of these services cost as much as $400/month, whereas Loco can give you all that the other services offer along with any other apps you could want for as low as $100/month. If cost efficiency is a major concern for your organization, it's time to make the switch! 


#2 : Your team is struggling to keep track of your data across multiple platforms.

If you constantly are left wishing that your tools could talk to each other, it might help you out to consider using a platform that holds all your data in one spot in a secure way. Part spreadsheet, part database, Low-Code tools can handle any data you throw at them!


#3 : You have to log in to multiple different tools, even if you just want to change one thing.

Low-Code tools are becoming more and more dynamic. They can integrate with communication channels like Slack (allowing you to talk to and change your data without even logging into the platform) or set up features that let you know when a change has been made in an app by your team! 


#4 : You find yourself wishing that you could just make the apps yourself instead of spending hours of research trying to find a tool that might fit your needs. 

This is an extremely common issue. Many offices find themselves settling for tools that are just good enough to fit their needs, and it often leads to the tool feeling clumsy and leaving something to be desired. The good news is, you can make your own apps now, and you don't need an engineering degree to do it! Low-Code tools allow literally anyone to be able to make their own applications to fit their needs. With only a little bit of practice, Loco will have you churning out productive and efficient apps in no time.  

#5 : You're bored of the same-old tools! 

Hey, we get it! Sometimes an office just needs something new, even if that means simply switching it up in terms of what applications you're using! There's nothing wrong with wanting to shake it up... in fact, it can make something as traditionally mundane as data management a bit more challenging and exciting! There's absolutely no harm in trying out something new. 

Instead of conducting hours of research on what tool is best to track your client information, Loco lets you download a pre-built app or create your own data management app in minutes. Investing in multiple tools to buy and keep track of, Loco gives you the power to put your data in the best hands possible: Your Own! 

You can start your free trial of Loco today at www.loco.build, all you need is an email! If you have any questions or would like to set up a free demonstration of Loco, contact make@loco.build